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Sonja Jejčič: Non-LTE Inversion of Prominence Spectroscopic Observations in H alpha and Mg II h&k Lines

Datum objave: 25. 5. 2022
13.00 - 14.00
ID: 99442106262 – Geslo: 655642
Pozor: sprememba ure in predavalnice! Doc. dr. Sonja Jejčič bo imela astrodebato o Sončevih prominencah. Vabljeni v torek, 31. maja, ob **13:00 v F5**, pridružite se nam lahko tudi na Zoomu. Predavanje bo v angleščini!

Non-LTE Inversion of Prominence Spectroscopic Observations in H$\alpha$ and Mg II h&k Lines

dr. Sonja Jejčič (UL FMF)

Quiescent solar prominences are generally assumed to have a stable large-scale structure. However, they consist of several small-scale structures that are often very dynamic. To understand the nature of prominence plasma dynamics, we analyze the plasma properties of a quiescent prominence that occurred on March 30, 2017. The prominence was simultaneously observed by several instruments, including the IRIS space-based spectrograph and the MSDP spectrograph operating at the Meudon solar tower. We focused on the IRIS Mg II h&k lines and the MSDP H$\alpha$ spectra, selecting 55 well-coaligned points within the prominence. We compare the observed and synthetic profiles for all three lines using five different spectral parameters. The analysis is based on spectral inversion using an extended grid of prominence 1D slab models. The results will be presented together with 2D maps of various physical parameters, and we will discuss our best-fit solutions with respect to the radiative-equilibrium models.