1332. sredin seminar: Vladimir Batagelj: Multiway networks - examples, 3D visualization, and some analyses

Datum objave: 13. 12. 2022
Seminar za računalniško matematiko (Sredin seminar)
18.00 - 19.45
ID: 869 5394 3473 – Geslo: 778851
Sreda, 14. december 2022, od 18:00 do 19:45, po Zoomu

Multiway networks - examples, 3D visualization, and some analyses

In the previous two seminars on multiway networks, we learned about multiway networks and some basic operations on them.

When we start to develop methods for the analysis of a type of data, it is desirable to have as many instances of such data available as possible. In this seminar, we will first look at some historical/classical multiway networks (most of them are multirelational networks) and then at some more recent examples.

In the article Batagelj, Ferligoj, Doreian (2007), for the 3D visualization of 3-way networks, we used functions that created descriptions in the kin format for the program Kinemage for displaying chemical structures. Unfortunately, this program is no longer available. That's why I reprogrammed functions for the library MWnets to produce descriptions in X3D format, which can be inspected in a web browser or with special viewers such as view3dscene and Instant Player.

In the last part of the seminar, we will look at some applications of the current version of the library MWnets in the analysis of the multiway mobility network of Italian students and some "classical" networks.

PS. Kdor bi rad kaj povedal na naslednjih seminarjih, naj mi sporoči naslov teme in doda kratek povzetek.