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ASTRODEBATA / Roberta Tripodi: The co-evolution between SMBHs and their host-galaxies at z ∼ 6

Datum objave: 23. 2. 2023
11.00 - 12.00
predavalnica F6 in Zoom
ID: 965 4878 5955
V torek, 28. februarja, bo ob 11. uri astrodebato imela Roberta Tripodi (INAF - Tržaški astronomski observatorij). Predavala bo o skupni evoluciji oddaljenih galaksij in supermasivnih črnih lukenj v njihovem središču. Vabljeni v predavalnico F6 ali na Zoom. Predavanje bo v angleščini!

The co-evolution between SMBHs and their host-galaxies at z ∼ 6 Roberta Tripodi (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste)

The cold ISM and dust properties are key elements to understand the assembly and nature of the first QSOs at the Reionization Epoch. In particular, the [CII] and CO lines are bright tracers of the gas content that could be detected from distant galaxies. Measurements of the line widths, profiles and velocity maps of these emission lines reveal important information on the gas kinematics and dynamics. On the other hand, a reliable and accurate determination of the dust properties, through the analysis of the continuum emission, allows us to obtain a precise estimate for the star formation rate of the QSO’s host galaxy. In this talk, I will present results of the gas and dust of QSO J2310+1855 at z ∼ 6 based on the analysis of CO, [CII] and continuum emissions from ALMA kpc-resolution observation. This allowed us to study in detail the gas kinematics in J2310’s host galaxy, to perform a dynamical modelling of the rotation curve and to derive dust properties with high accuracy. I will also show very new results on the dust properties of the most luminous QSO at z > 6, namely QSO J0100+2802. The final goal will be to discuss the evolutionary scenario of these objects, studying the evolutionary path of their SMBHs together with the path of their host galaxies.