Universite Montpellier II

Datum objave: 11. 7. 2012
Zaposlitveni oglas
seeks candidates for PhD student and postdoctoral fellow positions in theoretical biological physics

The new theoretical physics and statistical mechanics group at Universite Montpellier II in Montpellier, France is seeking candidates for 1 PhD student position (3 years – start: September/October 2012) and 1 postdoctoral fellow position (1 year + possibilities for extension – start: Fall-Winter 2012-2013).

Topics to be studied include: i) motor protein dynamics in intracellular phenomena; ii) non-equilibrium classical transport at molecular scales; iii) collective transport phenomena on complex networks; and iv) interface theory/experiments.

Candidates’ profile: interest for analytical/numerical approaches in biophysics and theoretical physics inspired by biological phenomena, statistical mechanics, stochastic processes, nonlinear phenomena. Contact Prof. Andrea Parmeggiani at andrea.parmeggiani@univ-montp2.fr.