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Dr. Jun-ichi Yano: Structure of mass-flux convection parameterization

Datum objave: 17. 4. 2013
Fizikalno predavanje
v petek, 19. 4. 2013, ob 13:30 v Veliki sejni sobi, ARSO, Vojkova 1B, Ljubljana
Structure of mass-flux convection parameterization

Dr. Jun-ichi Yano, Meteo-France

Mass flux is presently a standard formulation for constructing convection parameterization in atmospheric models both for operational forecasts and climate change. Yet, its formulation is unfortunately not well presented in the literature. This talk attempts an unconventional "tutorial", without going into mathematical details, by taking an approach of trying to explain how to transform a full cloud- resolving model into a mass-flux convection parameterization in a schematic manner.