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Dr. Yoshiaki Uchida: Organic Radical Fluids - Magnetism and Microfluidics

Datum objave: 14. 3. 2016
Seminar fizike mehkih snovi
Sreda, 16.3.2016 ob 13:00, Seminarska soba fizike, F5, IJS
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Organic Radical Fluids: Magnetism and Microfluidics

Dr. Yoshiaki Uchida, Osaka University, Japan

Liquid crystals are promising materials for for data storage devices and for biomedical tools beyond prominent display uses. The emergence of new materials often induces the development of new applications. This talk will present the properties of organic radical fluids as one of such new materials. These compounds exhibit nonuniform intermolecular magnetic interactions in the LC and liquid phases, which have never been reported in the field of purely organic solid-state molecular magnetism at high temperature. The response of paramagnetic LC and liquid droplets to the permanent magnet also depends on the kind of LC phases. Finally, it will be demonstrated that the microcapsules made from the paramagnetic liquid show not only the magnetically transport phenomena but also antioxidative properties.