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Dr. Victor Putz: Joint talks on funding opportunities with the US Air Force International Science Offices

Datum objave: 12. 1. 2016
Seminar fizike mehkih snovi
Petek, 15. 1. 2016 ob 14:15, Seminarska soba fizike, F5, IJS
Funding Opportunities with the US Air Force International Science Offices 

Dr. Victor Putz, International Science Program Office, Europe, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (EOARD, AFOSR/IOE)

With 80% of the world's scientific research happening outside the US, the Air Force's researchers realize that some of the best basic science can only be gotten through international funding and collaboration. As a result, we fund hundreds of basic research grants around the world in areas as diverse as advanced carbon, human performance, metamaterials, quantum physics, aerodynamics, space weather, life sciences, and more. This brief talk is an overview of our International Offices and the collaboration and funding opportunities we can offer.

Unoffical talk and more a personal interest and tool for evaluation: »Lies, damn lies, and bibliometrics«

Dr. Victor Putz

Every time we publish a paper, we leave traces of information − whom we collaborate with, whom and what we cite, where we are. Using basic tools of social network analysis, what patterns and data can we gather to help understand the structure and influence of a scientific community? This non-academic talk highlights a few attempts, successes, and failures of a side project to try and understand too much science in too little time.


Dr. Putz is visiting Ljubljana as part of his review of USAF AFRL EOARD Research Project SOFTMETA (at FMF UL; M. Ravnik) and will be available for possible discussions on Friday January 15th 2016. If interested please contact Miha Ravnik (