Christian Budde: Extrapolation and Perturbation of Bi-Continuous Semigroups

Datum objave: 16. 4. 2018
Seminar za algebro in funkcionalno analizo
Četrtek, 19. 4. 2018, ob 12:30 v predavalnici 2.04, FMF, Jadranska 21, Ljubljana

Abstract: If one study one-parameter semigroups on Banach spaces one also has to deal with semigroups which are not strongly continuous with respect to the Banach space norm. For that reason there is the concept of bi-continuous semigroups, which theory was developed by Kühnemund. We will discuss some interesting examples of these kind of semigroups and will study extrapolation spaces for bi-continuous semigroups, using the wide theory of $C_0$-semigroups. Having that we also consider so-called Desch--Schappacher perturbations which in fact use extrapolation spaces.


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