Rok Gregorič: 2-categorical trace, dimension, and Riemann-Roch

Datum objave: 27. 5. 2017
Seminar za geometrijo
Ponedeljek, 29.5.2017, ob 10.15, v predavalnici 3.06 na Jadranski 21
Many incarnations of duality in geometry, algebra, and topology can be cast in terms of the 2-categorical yoga of dualizability, trace, and dimension. The goal of this lecture is to explain how the free loop space, Hochschild homology, and Furier-Mukai transform tie into this, and to sketch the proof of one version of the Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch theorem (taking value in Hochschild homology instead of Chow homology, but holding for a larger class of stacks than the classical version) due to Ben-Zvi and Nadler.