Lucas Sa: Chaos and integrability in non-unitary open quantum circuits

Datum objave: 6. 12. 2020
Seminar za matematično fiziko
Tuesday, 8. 12. 2020, at 14:15 via Zoom. More info on the seminar webpage

Lucas Sa (University of Lisbon) 

Local quantum circuits have become an important paradigm of many-body physics as, in particular, they allow for the simulation of  complex quantum systems in emerging quantum computing facilities. While much is already known about unitary and projective-measurement circuits, it is also of interest to extend their study to open and nonequilibrium quantum setups. With this goal, we consider quantum circuits in the Kraus map representation of completely positive quantum dynamics and discuss the first exactly-solvable, yet strongly-interacting, non-unitary open quantum circuit. On the analytical side, we prove integrability by constructing an inhomogeneous transfer matrix generating conserved super-operator charges, show that the circuit is completely positive and trace-preserving, and identify regimes of integrability-breaking. From the numerical point of view, the study of dissipative chaos and integrability requires the generalization of the standard signatures of quantum chaos; we will introduce complex spacing ratios and show that they allow us to confirm all our analytical results.

L. , P. Ribeiro, and T. Prosen, PRX 10,021019 (2020) [arXiv:1910.12784]
L. , P. Ribeiro, and T. Prosen, arXiv:2011.06565


More information on the seminar webpage.

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