[PhD cakes] Winter gathering 28.02.2018, Speaker: Katja Klobas

Datum objave: 27. 2. 2018
Srečanja doktorskih študentov
Wednesday, 28.02.2018, at 15:30 at Mafija, FMF, Jadranska 21, Ljubljana
Dear fellow PhD students,

we are pleased to announce the next speaker at the PhD cake meeting this Wednesday, 28. 02. 2018. We hope to see you all in Maφja at 15:30. You are also still welcome to bake something (link) and to consider being the speaker at the next meeting (link). 

And now, without further ado, here is our next talk:

Katja Klobas: Statistical physics of cellular automata

Abstract: Everyday life is full of irreversible henomenological laws, while the microscopic dynamics is simple and reversible. In order to understand this, one usually assumes that due to a large number of degrees of freedom the microscopic behaviour can be thought of as effectively stochastic. What happens if we do not make this assumption? Are we still able to obtain similar macroscopic behaviour using a really simple deterministic toy model?

Philipp & Anja