Andreja Tepavčević: Partial closure operators and systems and applications to various classes of partial ordered sets

Datum objave: 23. 9. 2018
Seminar za diskretno matematiko
Torek, 25. 9. 2018, ob 10.45, Plemljev seminar, Jadranska 19

Pozor, začnemo nekoliko kasneje, ob 10.45.

Povzetek. A connection among complete lattices, closure operators and closure systems is generalized to partially ordered sets, and a notion of a partial closure operator is introduced in several ways and connected to partial closure systems and posets. Analogous connections are proved in cases of complete posets (CPOs) and algebraic posets. These relationships are used to extend the notions of geometric lattices, semimodularity and matroids in the framework of finite posets and related systems of sets.

Joint work with Branimir Seselja and Anna Slivkova