Siamak Yassemi: Castelnuovo - Mumford regularity of edge ideal of graphs

Datum objave: 25. 11. 2018
Seminar za diskretno matematiko
Sreda, 28. 11. 2018, od 10.00 do 11.00, Koper, FAMNIT-MP7

Kolegi iz Kopra vabijo na seminar vse, ki jih tematika zanima.

Lecturer: Siamak Yassemi (University of Tehran and Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Iran)
Title: Castelnuovo - Mumford regularity of edge ideal of graphs
Date and time: Wednesday, 28th of November, 2018. (10:00-11:00)
Location: FAMNIT-MP7 (formerly FAMNIT-POŠTA)


Let G be a graph with n vertices, S=K[x_1,..., x_n] be the polynomial ring in n variables over a field K and I(G) denote the edge ideal of G.

We survey a number of recent studies of the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of the edge ideal of G. Our focus is on bounds and exact values for the regularity in terms of combinatorial data from associated graphs.

In addition, for every collection H of connected graphs with K_2 in H, we introduce the notions of ind-match_H(G) and min-match_H(G). We will improve the inequalities for regularity of S/I(G).


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