Robin Wilson: A Century of Graph Theory

Datum objave: 3. 6. 2019
Seminar za diskretno matematiko
Torek, 4. 6. 2019, od 10h do 12h, Jadranska 21, predavalnica 2.04

V okviru Matematičnega kolokvija bo v torek, 4. junija, predavanje Robina Wilsona, ki bo zanimivo tudi za udeležence Seminarja za diskretno matematiko.

Naslov: A Century of Graph Theory

Povzetek: This talk covers the period from around 1890, when graph theory was mainly a collection of isolated results, to the 1990s when it had become part of mainstream mathematics. Among many other topics it includes material on the four-colour problem, trees, graph structure, and graph algorithms. No particular knowledge of graph theory is assumed.

Robin Wilson is an Emeritus Professor of Pure Mathematics at the Open University, Emeritus Professor of Geometry at Gresham College, London, and a former Fellow of Keble College, Oxford University. He is currently a Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics. A former President of the British Society for the History of Mathematics, he has written and edited over 40 books on the history of mathematics, including Lewis Carroll in Numberland, and also on graph theory, including Introduction to Graph Theory and Four Colours Suffice. Involved with the popularization and communication of mathematics and its history, he has been awarded the Mathematical Association of America’s Lester Ford award and Polya prize for his ‘outstanding expository writing’, and the Stanton Medal for outreach activities in combinatorics by the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications. He has Erdos Number 1.