Virtual course offer for Mathematics & Computer Science at OTH Regensburg / Germany

Datum objave: 27. 7. 2021
Obvestilo študentom matematike

The Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, OTH Regensburg plans to offer the following courses for virtual exchange:
Master courses:
o IT-Controlling (Master, 5 ECTS)
o Secure Programming (Master, 5 ECTS)
Bachelor courses:
o Android Programming with Kotlin (Bachelor, 5 ECTS)
o Applied Data Science with Python (Bachelor, 5 ECTS)
o E-Government and Smart Cities (Bachelor, 5 ECTS)
o Fundamentals of Business Administration 1 (Bachelor, 5 ECTS)
o Fundamentals of Business Administration 2 (Bachelor, 5 ECTS)
o Fundamentals of Project Management (Bachelor, 3 ECTS)
o Fundamentals of Strategic Management (Bachelor, 5 ECTS)
o High Performance Computing (Bachelor, 5 ECTS)

You find more information on these courses here:

The main logistical details:
• Our semester will start on Oct 1st and will run until mid of February (lectures will end around Jan 23rd, until mid Feb will be exam period).
• Most of the courses have 5 ECTS, i.e., 100-150 hours of total workload for the semester or three hours/week over 14 weeks.
• The exact course details are not yet set but we will try to make asynchronous attendance possible also from different time zones.
• Some of the courses might have a final exam. In this case it would be necessary that you supervised your students at your end when taking the exam at the same day as in Germany. However, we will try to provide remote-online assessment options.
• Students are able to choose 1 – 2 courses for virtual exchange. If more courses are planned to take, we are forced to enrol your students officially as exchange students. Please inform us as soon as possible, if you have this case.
• Every student will receive a Transcript of records after successful participation and exam.

Zainteresirani kandidati naj najkasneje do 27. avgusta 2021 kontaktirajo Nino Rogelja ([]).