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OBZORJE EVROPA: Join to the FIWARE Global Summit 2023

Datum objave: 19. 4. 2023
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We are glad to invite you to the 9th FIWARE Global Summit in Vienna, Austria (12-13 June 2023) – one of the leading Open Source conferences for entrepreneurs, public administrations, academia, developers, start-ups, and technologists.

Get ready for two days of world-class innovation, collaboration, and networking.

Open to all FIWARE enthusiasts and newbies, members and partners, from startups to global players, public admins and academia, from developers to strategists, from project managers to CEOs.

Technology is changing the way we live, work, and engage with one another. FIWARE provides a helping hand to those who want to change the world, foretell the future, and transform markets for the better, based on recognized Open Source technology. From startups and SMEs to global enterprises, FIWARE helps today's disruptors fully grasp what tomorrow has in store and how they can be part of this transformation journey.

You can also play a key role in this journey. Looking into joining the FIWARE community, our global ecosystem, or just interested in the impact and opportunities with Open Source technology? Then this Summit is made for you!

The 9th edition of FIWARE Global Summit (FGS) is going to be held in a FIWARE-referenced city, and one of the most livable and resilient cities in the world: Vienna (Austria), June 12-13, 2023 (with a rich side and training program: June 12-15).

Join us at the Summit to discover what the world’s smartest open companies, cities, universities, and developers are doing differently to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s digital economy.

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