Postdoc & PhD positions at U. Virginia & Chalmers

Datum objave: 5. 12. 2023
Obvestilo študentom astronomije

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I would like to bring to your attention several postdoc and PhD opportunities that may be of interest to persons in your research groups and departments.

Postdoc Positions:

Virginia & Virginia-Chalmers Cosmic Origins Fellowships - (Dec. 15th)

Virginia Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology (GECO) Fellowships - (Dec. 15th)

Virginia Institute for Theoretical Astronomy (VITA) Fellowships - (Dec. 20th)

PhD Positions:

A Double Doctoral Degree (DDD) program has been established between Chalmers and U. Virginia by which a student would receive degrees from both institutions for their PhD work, to be carried out jointly at the two universities. The first step to enter this DDD program is to apply and be admitted to the regular PhD programs in Astronomy or Chemistry at U. Virginia. Details of the DDD program, to be tailored to each student, would be worked out during Year 1 at U. Virginia, coordinating with a PhD advisor at U. Virginia and at Chalmers. Students will typically spend the first 3 years at U. Virginia, followed by ~2 years at Chalmers. Interested students should contact me directly and be aware of the 15th January 2024 deadline for applying to the U. Virginia Astronomy PhD program. More information is here:

Best regards,

Jonathan Tan