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Institut Jean Lamour

Datum objave: 30. 5. 2024
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Doktorski študent/mladi raziskovalec (redna zaposlitev, rok za prijavo 15. junij 2024)

In the Solidification Group (Department of Science and Engineering of Materials and Metallurgy of Institut Jean Lamour, Nancy, France) we are hiring a doctoral student to work on multiscale and multiphysics modeling of solidification of metal alloys. The project involves crystal growth, fluid mechanics and heat & mass transfer. A new numerical model will be developed during the PhD and the results will be useful for transfer to an industrial process model.

A detailed project description can be found here. The project is funded by a 3-year doctoral contract.

Institut Jean Lamour is one of the largest materials science research centers in Europe, with around 500 researchers, PhD students and technical staff. We work in metallurgy, nanomaterials, plasma physics, surface physicochemistry. The Department of Science and Engineering of Materials and Metallurgy (SI2M) focuses on metallurgical processes ranging from liquid metal treatment over solidification to solid transformation processes; all with the objective to control the formation of the structure of the final product. We work in tight collaboration with the industry and with international academic partners on a wide spectrum of projects, integrating industrial and fundamental problems.

Requirements for applicants

  • Master's degree in physics, mechanical engineering, or materials science.
  • Good notions of heat & mass transfer, fluid dynamics, numerical methods.
  • Experience in numerical modeling (finite volume method appreciated).
  • Proficiency in computer programming (C++, Python, OpenFOAM).
  • Proficiency in technical report writing and presentation.
  • Sense of initiative, problem-solving and teamwork skills.
  • Fluent in English, some knowledge of French is beneficial.

How to apply

Send us a short statement of your interests, your CV, and full academic transcripts of the last two years of your master’s studies. For additional information contact Dr. Miha Založnik.

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