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Pedagogical mathematics
(academic year 2017/18)

Integrated Master's study programme

Coordinator: doc. dr. D. Kobal

The programme is designed for the education of mathematics teachers in high schools. The structure and scope of its pedagogical courses meet the requirements for teaching of mathematics as an independent subject on all levels of pre-university education. Graduates of the programme can continue their studies in the third cycle.

Graduates obtain the title magister profesor matematike/magistrica profesorica matematik, abbreviated to mag. prof. mat.

This is a 5-year programme (10 semesters) with 300 ECTS credits.


Year 1: Analysis 1, Algebra 1, Logic and sets, Computer practical, Introduction to programming, Physics 1, Introductory seminar A or B.

Year 2: Analysis 2a, Analysis 2b, Physics 2, Algebra 2, Point-set topology, Affine and projective geometry, Elementary geometry, Discrete mathematics 1, Software in teaching.

Year 3: Analysis 3, Introduction to numerical methods, Probability, Statistics, Didactics of mathematics 2, Teaching work experience 1, Didactics 1, Astronomy, Elementary number theory, Seminar 1, two electives.

Year 4: Didactics of mathematics 2, Pedagogy with andragogy, Teaching work experience 2, Psychology of learning and teaching, Mathematical horizons, Mathematics for gifted students, Modern trends in the teaching of mathematics, Seminar 2, three electives.

Year 5: Mathematical horizons, Modern trends in the teaching of mathematics, Mathematics for gifted students, five electives.

Percentage of electives in the programme is 18% (54 credits), of those at least 13% (39 credits) from mathematics and pedagogical electives and up to 5% (15 credits) from general electives.

A student has to select at least 60 credits every year.

Full curriculum »

Admission requirements »

Candidates without a Matura certiificate from a Slovenian instituion must demonstrate knowledge of Slovenian (level B2 of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Admission to the study programme is open to either: a) Holders of the matura certificate (or an equivalent degree from a foreign institution).

Enrolment, re-enrolment and graduation requirements »

Enrolment in Year 1 is granted upon admission. For enrolment in the next study year it is necessary to earn 54 ECTS credits from courses and exams in the current study year. In addition to the credit quota, the completions of the following exams are obligatory:

Validation of competences, knowledge, and skills acquired prior to admission to the study program »

Students may apply for validation of competences acquired previously by means of various forms of education if their competences match those of one or more courses offered within this study programme.

Transferring from other study programmes

It is possible to transfer from other study programmes. The appropriate year of study as well as other transfer requirements are determined on the basis of the programme the student is transferring from. The exact conditions for finishing the programme are determined by the department study committee.