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Mathematics (academic year 2019/20)

Doctoral programme

Coordinator: prof. dr. A. Simpson

The Doctoral Programme in Mathematics is a third cycle Bologna degree with 240 ECTS credits.

The main goal of the doctoral programme is for the student to prepare a doctoral dissertation containing original scientific research, including research that has been published in at least one article in a scientific journal. The student prepares this work under the guidance of student's doctoral supervisor. The doctoral supervisor must be agreed prior to admission to the 1st year of the doctoral programme.

Individual research work towards the doctoral dissertation contributes 174 credit points, with an additional 6 credits awarded for the completion and successful defence of the dissertation. The remaining 60 credits are earned from the required study components below.


Year 1
Three electives 18
Predoctoral exam 6
Individual study 1 6
Seminar 1 6
Research 1 24
Year 2
Two electives 12
Individual study 2 6
Seminar 2 6
Research 2 36
Year 3
Individual Research 60
Year 4
Research 3 54
Thesis defence 6

Students need to collect at least 60 credits every year.

The elective courses offered in the academic year 2019/20:

All electives in Years 1 and 2

Topics in algebra 6
Topics in analysis 6
Topics in discrete mathematics 6
Topics in financial mathematics 6
Topics in geometry 6
Topics in numerical mathematics 6
Topics in mathematical foundations of computer science 6
Topics in topology 6
Topics in probability and statistics 6

Module Mathematics education

Department of Mathematics also offers the doctoral programme Mathematics education. We expect candidates with excellent mathematical abilities and exceptional love for teaching.
The department study committee will consider each candidate individually, and will also assign courses and suggest an advisor. Candidates are encouraged to contact the module coordinator Damjan Kobal for more information.
Students need to obtain at least 12 credits from the elective courses above and at least 12 credits from didactics courses, either at other Faculties of the University of Ljubljana, or from the course Topics in didactics of mathematics.