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Research interests

NMR spectrometer with a field-sweep magnet

(Custom two-coil magnet, inner coil permanently charged to center field 2.35 T, outer coaxial coil charged in steps - full range +/- 10% of the center field).  This spectrometer is dedicated to NMR spectroscopy of very broad absorption lines up to 10 MHz (suitable for NMR of quasicrystals, metallic glasses, nanomagnets, disordered solids, etc...).


Research activity:


Condensed matter physics:

- Quasicrystals, Glasses (metallic, dipolar, orientational, spin-glasses), Incommensurate systems, Nanomagnetic materials, Fullerene derivatives, Ionic conductors, Ferroelectrics


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy in one- and two dimensions

- NMR spectroscopy of solids with extremely broad lines by field-sweep and frequency- sweep techniques


Application of NMR to industrial materials like cement and bitumen