Former students

Aleksander Vesel 1996: Some Algorithms for Invariants and Embeddings of Graph Products

R.V.A.P. Rajapakse 1997, Co-advisor W. Imrich: Metric Properties of Graphs and Applications to Organic Chemistry

Boštjan Brešar 2000: Graph Products and Expansions

Petra Žigert 2001: Metric Graph Theory and Chemical Structures

Alenka Lipovec 2002: Subgraphs of Cartesian Product Graphs

Ciril Petr 2004, Co-advisor U. Milutinović: Combinatorics of Generalized Towers of Hanoi

Iztok Peterin 2005, Co-advisor W. Imrich: Some Factorizations in Metric Graph Theory

Simon Špacapan 2007: Connectivity, Domination and Perfect Codes in Product Graphs

Matjaž Kovše 2008: Partial Cubes and their Derived Graphs

Janja Jerebic, 2008: Some Metric and Chromatic Concepts in Product Graphs

Marko Jakovac 2010, Co-advisor Sergio Cabello: Colorings of Sierpiński Graphs and b-colorings

Gašper Mekiš 2013: Direct Products of Complete Graphs

Sara Sabrina Zemljič 2014: Metric Properties of Sierpiński Graphs

Gašper Košmrlj 2015, Co-advisor Matjaž Konvalinka: Games Induced by Graph Domination

Jernej Azarija; 2016: Some Results from Algebraic Graph Theory

Jernej Rus; 2017: Mathematical Modelling of Biological Problems

Recent students

Tilen Marc

Vesna Iršič