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European Journal of Combinatorics

Special Issue on

Topological Graph Theory and Graph Minors

Guest Editor:  Bojan Mohar

Aim and Scope

The European Journal of Combinatorics (EJC) is a combinatorial journal which is primarily open to research papers dealing with discrete mathematical structures, and to results and methods establishing a direct link (one or the other way) between discrete mathematics and other branches of mathematics, theoretical computer science, theoretical physics, etc. 

This special issue of the EJC will be devoted primarily to graphs on surfaces, graph minors and topological tools in combinatorics. The Topological Graph Theory is a classical branch of Graph Theory with roots in the famous Four Color Problem and its generalizations. It was also important in the early developments of Combinatorial Topology in the 1920's and 30's. In the 1970's it culminated with Ringel and Youngs' solution of the Heawood problem. This area of Graph Theory started blossoming and has received particular attention in the last decade, partly because of its close ties with the Graph Minors Theory of Robertson and Seymour, and partly because many new tools became available. Applications of planar graphs and graphs of bounded genus in the theory of computing are also important.

There is an impression that this area of combinatorics is under-represented in the current issues of the EJC. Therefore, one or two special issues will be encouraged to promote the area and to encourage future submissions in this field. Another objective of this special issue is to compile state-of-the-art research on actual or possible applications of topological tools and techniques in combinatorics and, conversely, discuss applications of Graph Theory in solving problems in topology and related fields. Research papers on any kind of interactions of combinatorics with topology and other related fields are most welcome.

Possible topics of submissions include but are not limited to:

Submission Guidelines

Papers should be submitted to the guest editor, preferrably by email ( They should be prepared according to the general guidelines for the authors of the EJC, which can be viewed at Additional instructions on using the Academic Press LaTeX style files (if needed) can be obtained at

Although there is no restriction on length, we would prefer shorter papers (5 to 20 journal pages) to achieve greater diversity and thorough reviewing. However, longer papers of high quality are also welcome.

Electronic submissions are encouraged, and may be sent by email. The preferred types of electronically submitted files are PDF, PostScript, and (La)TeX (in order of preference). Authors who prefer the classical way should submit 3 hard copies by standard mail.

All submitted papers will be refereed according to the usual standards and the refereeing protocol used by the EJC.

Important Dates

Submission of papers (early deadline):
Refereeing proces completed by:
Delivery of final manuscript:
Publication of the first special issue:
Publication of the second special issue:
November 30, 2002
May 31, 2003
July 31, 2003
August 31, 2003
Early 2004
Early 2005

For all papers recived by the early deadline (November 30, 2002), every effort will be made to have them reviewed within the short period of 6 months. Submissions after the early deadline will still be handled but with no guarantee to meet the first special issue. If sufficiently many papers would be accepted, the second special issue will be produced a year after the first one

If, due to any unexpected circumstances, some article's refereeing process would be delayed too much, such an article would be passed to the Managing Editors of EJC to be considered for publication in a regular issue of EJC. (In fact, the special issues will also appear as regular issues of the journal.)

To aid planning and organization, we would appreciate an email or a letter of intent to submit a paper (including author information, a tentative title and abstract, and an estimated number of pages) as early as possible.

Guest Editor's Address

Bojan Mohar
University of Ljubljana
Department of Mathematics
Jadranska 19
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
phone: (+386) 1-4766-670
fax: (+386) 1-2517-281

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