Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B


Editor-in-Chief  (2015 - )

Editorial Board (1999-2014)

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Electronic Journal of Combinatorics

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Editor-in-Chief for Graph Theory (2013-)


Journal of Graph Theory

Editorial Board (2012-)

Managing Editor (2004-2011)

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Discrete Mathematics

Associate Editor of DM.

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Discrete and Computational Geometry

Editorial Board


Ars Mathematica Contemporanea

Editorial Board (until 2016)

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SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics

Associate Editor (2011-2014)



Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry

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Member of the Editorial Board.

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Linear and Multilinear Algebra

Member of the Editorial Board (2005-2015)

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Tbilisi Mathematical Journal

Editorial Board

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European Journal of Combinatorics

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Guest editor for two thematic issues on Topological Graph Theory and Graph Minors.

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Other editorial work

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