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What is Life?

Erwin Schrödinger

One of the discoverers of the DNA molecule, Francis Crick, credited What is Life? as a theoretical description, before the actual discovery of DNA, of how genetic storage would work and a source for inspiration for the initial research.

The Biological Frontier of Physics

Rob Phillips and Stephen R. Quake

Problems at the interface between biology and physics offer unique opportunities for physicists to make quantitative contributions to biology. Equally important, they enrich the discipline of physics by challenging its practitioners to think in new ways.

Teaching Biological Physics

Raymond E. Goldstein, Philip C. Nelson, and Thomas R. Powers

Biological physics courses can serve a variety of students, among them life-sciences students who need to understand the role of physical principles in the world of biology.

DNA-Inspired Electrostatics

William M. Gelbart, Robijn F. Bruinsma, Philip A. Pincus, and V. Adrian Parsegian

Not just the repository of our genetic information, DNA is also a fascinating, shape-shifting molecule whose behavior in solution counters our intuition and challenges our physical understanding.....

Spodaj sem nanizal nekaj pomembnih besedil, ki naj bi jih študent oz. študentka prebrala predno poslušata predavanja iz biofizike. Predvsem priporočam Schroedingerjevo knjižico Kaj je življenje?, ki je vplivala na celo generacijo fizikov. Prosto je dostopno celotno besedilo.

Inspired by Biology: From Molecules to Materials to Machines


Committee on Biomolecular Materials and Processes, Board on Physics and Astronomy, Board on Life Sciences, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Division on Earth and Life Studies, THE NATIONAL ACADEMIES (2008).