Heiko Dietrich: An update on group isomorphism

Date of publication: 7. 4. 2021
Mathematics colloquium
12:00 - 14:00
ID: 959 7641 6919 – Password: groupiso
In this talk I will present some results of an ongoing project with James Wilson (Colorado State University) on the group isomorphism problem (which asks whether two given groups are isomorphic). For example, we have shown that group isomorphism is ``easy"~for almost all group orders. While the latter result is for the Cayley table model, I will also report on some more practical results: if time permits, then I will comment on cubefree groups, some groups of 'small order type', and so-called ``C-groups". The latter are joint work with my former Honours student Darren Low and current MPhil student Eileen Pan.

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