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Data analysis and visualization

Computer Science and Mathematics, Second Cycle
1 ali 2 year
first or second
slovenian, english
Hours per week – 1. or 2. semester:

There are no prerequisites.

Content (Syllabus outline)

similarity measures
methods of multivariate data analysis, a selection
analysis of symbolic data
analysis of large datasets
data visualization


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Objectives and competences

The goal of the course is to introduce some modern methods for data analysis and visualization with their theoretical background, and to enable the students to use these methods by themselves or also to develope their own solutions.

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:
Understanding of basic concepts and methods of data analysis and visualization
Ability to select the right methods for data analysis and visualization and perform them using appropriate software tools.
Ability to interpret the obtained results.

Learning and teaching methods

Lectures, homeworks, home reading, project, consultations


Continuing (homework and seminar)
Final (project work)
grading: 5 (fail), 6-10 (pass) (according to the Statute of UL)

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