Logic and sets

Mathematics Education
1 year
Course director:

Prof. Dr. Andrej Bauer, Prof. Dr. Marko Petkovšek

Lecturer (contact person):
Hours per week – 1. semester:
Content (Syllabus outline)

Mathematical terminology, definitions, constructions, propositions, and proofs. Propositional and predicate calculus, rules of inference.
Basic set theory. Relations and functions. Equivalence relations and quotient sets. Ordered structures. Finite, countable and infinite sets. Cardinality of sets. Sets and classes. Axioms of set theory. Axiom of choice and Zorn's lemma.


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M. Juvan, P. Potočnik: Teorija grafov in kombinatorika, DMFA-založništvo, Ljubljana, 2000.

Objectives and competences

Students learn the basics about mathematical proofs and correct logic inference, basic discrete structures, basic terminology from combinatorics and basics about set theory.

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding: Capability of forming exact mathematical expressions. Basic understanding of the concept of a mathematical proof. Basic knowledge about discrete structures and sets.
Application: Propositional calculus is an elementary language for expressing mathematical content. A proof is a basic mathematical tool. Hence, the knowledge obtained in this course is used in all subseqent mathematical courses.
Reflection: Mathematical logic is a mathematical reflection on mathematics as an axiomatic method. The course encourages reflection on the nature of mathematics itself.
Transferable skills: Correct proving, as well as the knowledge from set theory, represent a basis for all mathematical courses. Knowledge about discrete structures is the basis for further courses on discrete mathematics and computer science.

Learning and teaching methods

Lectures, exercises, homework, consultations


2 midterm exams instead of written exam, written exam
Oral exam
grading: 5 (fail), 6-10 (pass) (according to the Statute of UL)

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