Statistics in school *

Mathematics Education
4 ali 5 year
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Content (Syllabus outline)

Statistics instruction in high schools
Statistics topics in Slovenian education: statistics topics in high schools, knowledge and skills acquired at the elementary level, the presence of statistics in university-level education and in everyday life.
The relation of statistics to other fields: the interdisciplinary learning approach, the usage of ICT, and worldwide trends of statistics instruction.
Cognitive process goals for statistics educations: the teaching of the problem-solving process, and the acquisition of applicable knowledge and skills for successful learning and work (using ICT).
Statistical surveys in high schools
The methodology of high school surveys: the definition of the problem, non-experimental and experimental survey design, conditions for the implementation, and the main phase of the survey.
The procedures and instruments of data collection: the possible types of random variables, the instruments of collection (tests, questionnaires, opinion polls), measuring characteristics.
The analysis of data gathered in high school surveys: hypotheses testing, the most common methods and specialties, and interpretation.
The actual implementation of a survey in a high school and exchange of experience.


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Objectives and competences

First, students get acquainted with the course goals, with topics of high school statistics, and with the wide applicability of statistics in nearly every profession as well as everyday life. Next, students get familiar with statistical surveys used for evaluation of high school programs, as well as for monitoring pupils’ learning success on the level of a single department, a single high school, or nationwide. The acquired knowledge of statistics and methodology can be used also in statistical research implemented in other professional areas.

Intended learning outcomes

The teaching of statistics is very demanding as it is usually hard for students to attach theoretical models to concrete data arising from real life problems. The students get acquainted with methods of high-quality statistics instruction in high schools.
At the same time, students acquire skills for the conduct of statistical surverys implemented in high schools. Such surveys differ to a certain extent from those implemented elsewhere, but the specifics enable deeper understanding of statistical surveys in general.
The students can apply the acquired knowledge and skills directly in teaching, and also in conducting statistical surveys in education and elsewhere.

Learning and teaching methods

Lectures, problem sessions, consultations.


Written exam, project work
Oral (theoretical) exam
grading: 5 (fail), 6-10 (pass) (according to the Statute of UL)

Lecturer's references

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