Modern Physics 2

Physics, First Cycle
Educational Physics
2 year
Course director:

Prof. Dr. Boštjan Golob

Lecturer (contact person):
Hours per week – 2. semester:

Enrollement in the 2nd year, attending course of Modern Physics I.

Content (Syllabus outline)

Crystals: energy bands in crystals, electron in periodic potential. Conductors, isolators, semiconductors. Drude model of electrical conductivity. Doped semiconductor, n- and p-type, acceptors, donors, p-n junction.
Nuclei: building blocks of matter, Rutherford scattering. Size of nuclei, mass of nuclei, composition, binding energy, semi-empirical mass formula, shell model of nuclei. , and  decays, nuclear fission, Uranium fission. Nuclear fusion, Lawson condition.
Particles: charged particles acceleration, cyclotron, synchrotron, basics of cyclic accelerators. Basics of particle detection, determination of momentum, identification. Leptons, quarks, bosons; hadrons, baryons and mesons. Compton wavelength; coupling constants of interactions. Lepton number, baryon number, isospin, strangeness. Baryon octet and decuplet. Quark model of hadrons. Color charge. Weak interaction, parity and charge conjugation operators. C symmetry violation, CP symmetry conservation; CKM matrix. Mixing od neutral mesons.
Astrophysics: Main features of the universe evolution after the Big Bang.


J. Strnad, Fizika IV. DMFA.
M. Rosina, Jedrska fizika. DMFA.
D. Perkins, Introduction to High Energy Physics. Cambridge University Press, 2000.

Objectives and competences

Goals: Knowledge of main characteristics of crystals, nuclear and particle physics.
Acquired competence: Understanding of interactions among elementary particles and bound states. Capability of elementary problem solving in the field of crystals, nuclear and particle physics. Interconnection of theoretical predictions and measurements. Critical evaluation of results in these fields.

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:
Basic knowledge of crystals, nuclear and particle physics. Knowledge and understanding of the elementary particle interactions. Capability of relating the theory predictions and measurements.

Understanding of particle interactions and relation of those with nuclei, the effect of those to the universe evolution. Basic principles of detection.

Critical evaluation of theoretical predictions using results of measurements.

Transferable skills:
Transition from basic physics laws to elementary properties of crystals, nuclei and particles, usage of knowledge in medicine and technology.

Learning and teaching methods

Lectures, numerical exercices and consultations.


2 tests on numerical exercises or a written examination
Oral or written theory examination.
grading: 5 (fail), 6-10 (pass) (according to the Statute of UL)

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