Master thesis research 1

Physics, Second Cycle
1. year

Prof. Dr. Boštjan Golob

Hours per week – 2. semester:

Enrollment into the program.

Content (Syllabus outline)
  • Selection of the master thesis field (field of physics, interdisciplinary field);
  • overview of relevant literature;
  • acquaintance with experimental and theoretical methods, as well as with the laboratory environment where the research is going to be conducted;
  • research plan.

Odvisna od področja magistrskega dela; poleg temeljne literature pri predmetih, povezanih s temo magistrskega dela, še znanstveni članki z ustreznega področja; pregledne in specialistične revije po nasvetu mentorja.
Depending on the subject of the master thesis; beside the basic literature for the courses related to the thesis also scientific papers from the field and other expert literature based on the supervisors recommendation.

Objectives and competences

familiarity with practical research work and capability of independent scientific and research development problems solving

systematic solving of problems related to the thesis; preparation of experimental setup or theoretical method for measurement/discussion of the chosen subject under supervisors guidance;
critical choice of relevant parameters and research methods related to the subject of the thesis

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding

Understanding of basic physics principles related to the subject of the thesis. Critical evaluation and choice of literature and research methods.


Familiarity with research work methods to be encountered in the future scientific and research work.


Connection with knowledge acquired at various courses in previous studies. Capability of knowledge interconnection is searching for solutions to given problem.

Transferable skills

Design of research work including combination of methods with the aim of hypothesis testing.
Capability of individual and team project work.

Learning and teaching methods

Individual or team laboratory work, consultations with the supervisor.


passed / not passed (according to the Statute of UL)

Lecturer's references

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