Research Equipment Hybrid CPU-GPU Compute Cluster - Package 21

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Responsible person and/or equipment administrator

Name and surname: Miha Ravnik

Department: Department of Physics

Tel: +386 1 4766 709


Purpose of the device and additional information

The hybrid CPU-GPU computing cluster with high memory requirements will be purchased as shared research equipment at UL FMF and will be used by both staff and students involved in research and will be used in both research and teaching.

The new equipment will make an important contribution to the research work of (i) three programme groups at the faculty, (ii) the education of domestic and foreign students at the home faculty and at other UL faculties at various levels from undergraduate to doctoral studies, (iii) basic and applied research in a wide range of projects - e.g. ERC projects, applied projects and basic research projects - and (iv) support for work with government agencies such as the Slovenian Environment Agency.

High-memory-intensive computing cluster enables high-memory complex physics problems or models to be handled, while at the same time easily handling large amounts of data and solving today's hot physics problems.

Access to equipment

Subject to availability of equipment and by arrangement with the contact person; payment according to published price list.