Research equipment: polarised light photostructuring system - Package 21

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Responsible person and/or equipment administrator

Name and surname: Natan Osterman

Department: Department of Physics

Tel: +386 1 4766 641


Purpose of the device and additional information

The polarised light photopatterning system will allow the properties of light-sensitive materials to be altered in a controlled manner with micrometre precision using a polarised light beam. The primary use of the system will be to orient molecules in surface layers by changing the polarisation of incident light. The system will also be used for structuring photoreactive chemicals in microfluidic channels. Exposure to light causes biomolecules or chemical complexes to bind to illuminated surfaces, allowing the controlled formation of complex microstructures within the channels. The polarised light photostructuring system will be the first of its kind in Slovenia.

Access to equipment

Subject to availability of equipment and by arrangement with the contact person; payment according to published price list.