Research Equipment: Surface and Thin Layer Characterisation and Analysis Kit - Package 21

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Responsible person and/or equipment administrator

Name and surname: Irena Drevenšek Olenik

Department: Department of Physics

Tel: +386 1 4766 701


Purpose of the device and additional information

The Surface and Thin Layer Characterisation and Analysis set is designed for imaging surfaces and thin layers, investigating dynamic phenomena on surfaces and in thin layers, and generating photo-induced processes on/in them. The set is designed for basic characterisation of structure and phenomena on various surfaces (biomedical tissues, polymeric coatings, composite materials, nanostructured organic materials, etc.) and in thin films (liquid crystal layers, gels, biomolecular solutions, molecular films, etc.) and as such is indispensable for daily research work in the above mentioned research fields.

Access to equipment

Subject to availability of equipment and by arrangement with the contact person; payment according to published price list.