Mathematics 1

Practical Mathematics
1 year
first and second
Hours per week – 1. semester:
Hours per week – 2. semester:
Content (Syllabus outline)

Basic concepts of sets and mappings.
Fundamentals of mathematical logic: and, or.
Real and complex numbers.
Number sequences and series.
Basic properties of real functions.
Overview of elementary functions.
Differentiation of functions. Rolle's and Lagrange's theorem.
Higher derivatives. Applications of the derivative.
Indefinite integral.
Definite integral. Properties of the definite integral. The relationship between definite and indefinite integral.
Applications of the integral.
Improper integral.
Taylor formula and series.
Sequences and series of functions.


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Objectives and competences

Students acquire the basic knowledge of set theory, mathematical logic, mappings, sets of numbers, sequences and series, real functions, differentiable calculus and integration.
They will have a very good understanding and the ability to use elementary functions. They will acquire the basic skills needed in the mathematical analysis.

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:
Knowing and understanding the basic concepts needed in the mathematical analysis. Using the obtained knowledge in other fields of mathematics and other sciences.
Mastering the basic concepts of mathematical analysis is needed in almost all fields of applied mathematics. Mathematical analysis is fundamental in almost all branches of applied mathematics.
Combining theory and computational procedures to solve the simplest problems in applied mathematics.
Transferable skills:
The ability of a correct formulation of a problem, selecting the appropriate method, solving problems independently, the ability to analyze the results obtained.

Learning and teaching methods

Lectures, exercises, homeworks, consultations, extra hours of studying with the help of teaching assistants and tutors, virtual classroom (chatrooms, forums, etc.)


Type (examination, oral, coursework, project):
written exam or 4 midterm exams instead of the written exam,
oral exam or theoretical test,
homework (optional).
Grading: 1-5 (fail), 6-10 (pass) (according to the Statute of UL)

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