Topics in topology

Financial Mathematics, Second cycle
1 ali 2 year
first or second
core mandatory
slovenian, english
Lecturer (contact person):
Hours per week – 1. or 2. semester:
Content (Syllabus outline)

The lecturer chooses one or more important topics such as:
Knots and links. Basic invariants. Knots and surfaces, the Seifert form. Connected sum and decomposition into prime knots. Polynomial invariants; Alexander’s and Jones’ polynomials. Khovanov homology. Braid groups. Lattice homology.
3- and 4-manifolds. Constructions: handle decomposition, surgery, Heegaard splitting and covering spaces. Casson’s and Rohlin’s invariants. Fundamental group and its representations. The basics of Seiberg-Witten theory and Heegaard-Floer homology.
The topology of smooth manifolds. Morse theory. Differential forms and de Rham cohomology. Hodge theory. Contact and symplectic structures on manifolds.
Discrete Morse theory. Simplicial complexes and maps: abstract simplicial complexes, geometric realization, subdivision, simplicial approximation. Discrete Morse functions, gradient vector fields, the Morse chain complex and Morse homology, discrete Morse inequalities. Computational algorithms and implementation.
Topological robotics. Configuration space of a robot, motion and navigation plans. The concept of topological complexity of motion planning and navigation; upper and lower bounds on topological complexity.
Persistent homology. Filtrations on spaces, persistence complex and its homology; stability theorems.
Topological methods in group theory. Finiteness properties of groups. Cohomology of infinite groups. Homotopy theory of groups. PL Morse theory.
Characteristic classes of vector bundles. Cohomology ring of a smooth manifold and vector bundles over smooth manifolds. Stiefel-Whitney characteristic classes. Orientability and Thom’s theorem. Complexification; Chern and Pontryagin characteristic classes.

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Objectives and competences

The objectives and competences coincide with those of the study program.

Intended learning outcomes

Students get acquainted with one or more important or advanced topics in topology to the extent of being able to be introduced to research problems.

Learning and teaching methods

Lectures, discussion, exercises, homework assignments.


Theoretical knowldege exam (oral or written), exercise-based exame (written), homework assignments.

Lecturer's references

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