How to extend a student status for legitimate reasons

When to apply

If you do not meet the conditions for enrollment in next year or to repeat a year, you can apply for an extension of student status for legitimate reasons.

Application is possible only at the beginning of September. We will publish the exact application deadline and the Academic Affairs Committee meeting date in the News for physics students.

WARNING: The Academic Affairs Committee will not consider late requests.

Legitimate reasons

Legitimate reasons and appropriate supporting documents

  • Parenthood: Proof of the child's birth.
  • Prolonged illness of the student: An appropriate medical certificate, which must contain the diagnosis and duration of the illness, or the indication of the injury and recovery time after the injury, as well as the precisely stated period (from-to) during which the student was utterly unable to study or fulfil study obligations. (Committee usually grants an extension if the total inability to study lasted for at least two months during the lectures or at least one month during the exam period or if it is a permanent health problem that significantly affects the student's ability to study. Illness during the holidays is not an excusable reason.
  • Exceptional family and social circumstances: A written certificate must be issued by an authorized institution (social, health, pension, employment, etc.), proving that these reasons had a significant impact on the student's performance during his studies.
  • Active participation in top professional, cultural and sports events and participation in university bodies: Written confirmation from the organizer of the event or the organization that sent a student to an event. The document must clearly show the event's type, time and duration. Athletes must have a confirmation from the Olympic Committee of Slovenia on categorization.
  • Active participation in university bodies: Written confirmation from the relevant university body stating the function and work the student performs.
  • Year plus: Transcript of Records from Year plus. A student must have at least 30 ECTS (including ECTS acquired in a Year plus)
How to apply

How to apply for an extended student status:

  • Enter VIS (Slovenian version), choose "Prošnje" and "Prošnja za podaljšanje statusa študenta iz utemeljenih razlogov oddelka za fiziko".
  • Fill out the application, print it out and sign it.
  • Attach the appropriate supporting documents.
  • Send the application to our faculty a) personally to the physics reception desk or b) by registered mail to the address: UL FMF, Department of Physics, Jadranska 19, Ljubljana).
  • Track the various phases of the application process and view the final decision in VIS. The VIS will publish the results the next day after the Academic Affairs Committee meeting.
  • If your application was approved, enter VIS, fill out and submit the enrollment paper.