Repetition of the year


Repetition is possible only once during the study program. A change of study program due to failure to fulfil obligations in the previous course or study program is also considered a repetition.

1st and 2nd cycle: To re-enrol in the same year, it is necessary to complete at least half of the obligations from the study program of that year (30 ECTS) and all obligations from previous years.

3rd Cycle: No extra conditions.

ATTENTION: In the case of repeating the year, you lose the possibility of an additional year or the possibility of changing the program without paying tuition fees.

  1. STEP: Inform the student office that you want to repeat the year.
  2. STEP: Log in to the VIS with a UL-ID digital identity.
  3. STEP: Choose Enrollment: Enrollment paper.
  4. STEP: Enter all the required data and confirm the entry with the Submit button. The entered data will be displayed on the screen for review. Carefully review all the data. If the information entered is correct, select the Submit button again. Otherwise, return to the previous page and correct the incorrect information.
  5. STEP: After a successful entry, the information system notifies you. Don't print the enrollment paper.
  6. STEP: Registration is complete when you receive the invoice to your e-mail address. Contact the student office immediately if you do not receive the invoice by September 28.
  7. STEP: Leave your student card at the reception.