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Taking the courses in advance

With the approval of the Commission for Academic Affairs, you can take exams in advance (for the next study year or next study cycle).

ATTENTION! An approved application does not guarantee participation since students regularly enrolled in the study year have priority. After the approval, please get in touch with the course providers and check if you are allowed to attend the course and if there is enough room in the classroom halls or laboratories.

When to apply

The application is available for the entire academic year.

How to apply

The application to take the course in advance is only available in the Slovene language.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter VIS (Slovenian), choose Prošnje: Vnos prošnje: Prošnje za izredno opravljanje izpitov (fizika).
  2. Fill out the application (enter the courses you want to take in advance in the box: Utemeljitev). Print the application and sign it.
  3. Submit the signed application (a) in person at the reception desk or (b) by mail to the address of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Physics, Jadranska 19, 1000 Ljubljana, or (c) via e-mail.
  4. Track the various phases of the application process and view the final decision in VIS.
  5. The Student Office will enter the courses you plan to take in advance (a) in your Index for the same study cycle or (b) in the new profile Občan for the following study cycle.