Complex analysis seminar

The seminar was established by Josip Globevnik in 1975 and has been running continuously since then. It is coordinated by prof. dr. Barbara Drinovec Drnovšek and acad. prof. dr. Franc Forstnerič. Despite its name, the seminar covers a wide range of topics in mathematical analysis centered around complex analysis, complex geometry, complex dynamics, quaternionic analysis, theory of minimal surfaces, Fourier analysis, harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, operator theory, and analysis on infinite graphs. It is attended mainly by members of the research program P1-0291 Analysis and geometry, their Master and Ph.D. students, and visitors from abroad.


Former members

  • Mitja Nedić, University of Stockholm
  • Tjaša Vrhovnik, IMAG Universidad de Granada

Forthcoming conferences:

Recent conferences organized by our research group:

The seminar is being held on Tuesdays at 12.30 in the classroom 3.06. The Geometry seminar meets occasionally and covers topics in differential geometry, topology, and algebraic geometry.