Numerical analysis seminar

The Seminar for numerical analysis is one of the successors of the Seminar for numerical analysis and computer science. It has been held independently at the Department of Mathematics since 1982. The first coordinator of the seminar was prof. dr. Zvonimir Bohte, followed by prof. dr. Jernej Kozak, and later by prof. dr. Bor Plestenjak, the current coordinator. The seminar is usually held once per week. Speakers present interesting topics, new developments and mostly their recent research results, mainly from the field of numerical mathematics and computer aided geometric design. Some of the presentations are given by foreign guests, which gives a way to transfer the knowledge from abroad.

Research topics

Main topics in numerical analysis:

  • approximation and interpolation of functions, parametric curves and surfaces
  • spline theory
  • special classes of parametric polynomial and rational curves and surfaces
  • isogeometric analysis

These topics are closely related to the field of Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD).

Main topics in numerical linear algebra:

  • multiparameter eigenvalue problems
  • singular matrix pencils
  • algorithms for eigenvalue problems and linear systems of structured problems