If you no longer want to continue your studies at FMF, you can withdraw.

  1. STEP: Fill in and sign the Application for withdrawal.
  2. STEP: Settle all financial obligations at UL FMF, return the books to the Physics library and make sure all your application forms for the exam deadlines are closed.
  3. STEP: Deliver the Application for withdrawal together with the student ID card to the student office (a) in person or (b) by registered mail to the address of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Physics, Jadranska 19, 1000 Ljubljana).
  4. STEP: You will receive a Certificate of withdrawal.

ATTENTION: If you have not received your student card or lost it, please check the appropriate box on the application.

ATTENTION: If you bring the application in person, you will receive a statement immediately. We can also send it to you by e-mail or by regular mail. Write your wish on the application.

It is good to know

The student will lose his student status and all the rights derived from the student status on the day of the withdrawal and not on the last day of the study year.

Students who need to withdraw in order to change the study programme will keep their student status until the end of the study year, but only if they finish the enrollment procedure with the new faculty.