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Continuing after a break

No status for more then two years

Two years after losing student status, access to the VIS and the Online Classroom is no longer possible. Students are no longer able to register for exams, new grades can't be entered into the Index.

Continuation of studies is possible only with the approval of the Commission for Academic Affairs.

How to apply for approval
  1. Fill out the Prošnja za nadaljevanje po prekinitvi študija.
  2. Submit the signed Prošnja (a) in person at the reception desk or (b) by mail to the address of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Physics, Jadranska 19, 1000 Ljubljana, or (c) via e-mail.
  3. The Commission for Academic Affairs will process the application (prošnja) and determine the condition to continue or to finish your studies.
  4. You will receive a decision (Sklep) via post.
  5. You will receive an invoice for the procedure in accordance with the UL price list via e-mail.
  6. The Student office will enable you to access VIS and the Online Classroom.
How to enrol after you meet the conditions to advance

When you meet the conditions for enrollment in a higher year, the enrollment paper for the upcoming academic year will automatically open VIS at the end of the current academic year (in September). Follow the instructions on how to enrol in the next year.


  • If you are a third-cycle student, the enrollment paper will not open automatically. Please contact the student office.
  • Enrollment is not possible in the middle of the academic year.
  • If you have completed all of your study obligations, you will be able to graduate. The procedure depends on a study programme.