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Loss of student status

You did not meet the conditions to advance. What now?

If you do not meet the conditions for enrollment or repetition of a year, the loss of student status and all the student rights derived from the student status is automatic. The VIS will change your status in October.

You will still be able to enter VIS, your university e-mail and the Online Classroom for another two academic years after losing your status.

You will be able to take the missing exams, but we will have to charge them (UL price list).


We will charge you for the exam regardless of whether you pass.

We will also charge you if you register for the exam and don't show up. We advise you to withdraw from the exam on time and contact the professor if you miss the deadline for withdrawal. If you have a legitimate reason for missing your withdrawal deadline, professors are able to delete your registration.

Participation in lectures and especially physics laboratories depends on vacancies in lecture halls (students with status have priority). Please contact the course providers and check if you are allowed to attend.

Restrictions with working on faculty's computers

What is available:

  • Registration in VIS (e-student);
  • Login to the Online classroom;
  • Login to your student e-mail;
  • Password change via the web interface;
  • Activation of your username for the duration of the exam (you must ask the Computer centre to activate your username one day before taking the exam).

What is not available:

  • Logging in to the computers in the computer classrooms (if you try to log in to the computer, it notifies you that "Your Account is configured to prevent you from using this computer")
  • Printing on faculty printers
  • Changing passwords on computers
  • Using the Eduroam wireless network

In the case that you need any of the services that are not available to you, you must obtain the right to use the computer equipment. The procedure for obtaining the right to use computer equipment can be found here (in Slovene). Price: €100.00.

How to enrol after you meet the conditions to advance

When you meet the conditions for enrollment in a higher year, the enrollment paper for the upcoming academic year will automatically open in VIS at the end of the current academic year (in September). Follow the instructions on how to enrol in the next year.


  • If you are a third-cycle student, the enrollment paper will not open automatically. Please contact the student office.
  • Enrollment is not possible in the middle of the academic year.