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Nitin Gupta: Quantum Chaos and Quantum Phase Transitions

Datum objave: 3. 7. 2023
Seminar za matematično fiziko
14.00 - 16.00
Kuščerjev seminar, Physics building, 4th floor
Mathematical Physics seminar of this week.

Quantum Complexity has emerged in the past few years as a candidate for quantum chaos diagnostic. This talk is based on a work that appeared last year, in which we show that a notion of quantum complexity (spread complexity / Krylov state complexity) is sensitive to Topological Phase Transitions – at least for the prototypical Kitaev chain. I’ll give a brief overview of what we mean when we say “quantum” chaos, make connections with classical chaos and proceed to discuss our results by introducing the Krylov subspace methods.

*Nitin Gupta, University of Cape Town