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Patrick Fowler: Currents and aromaticity

Datum objave: 5. 5. 2015
Seminar za teorijo grafov in algoritme
Četrtek 7. maj 2015 ob 12:15 v PS na Jadranski 19.

Currents and aromaticity

Patrick Fowler (Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield)

Abstract. I will talk about currents induced in aromatic molecules by external magnetic fields, why chemists are interested in them, how we now calculate them, and how graph theory can be used to enrich chemical understanding and give new insights into the patterns we obtain.

This talk touches on joint work with, amongst others, David Bean, Bill Bird, Chris Gibson, Remco Havenith, Leo Jenneskens, Dan Jenkinson, Wendy Myrvold, Alessandro Soncini, and Erich Steiner.