William J. Bowman: Cur: Designing a less devious proof assistant

Datum objave: 23. 6. 2020
Seminar za temelje matematike in teoretično računalništvo
Četrtek, 25. 6. 2020, od 17:00 do 18:00 , spletni seminar

Zoom ID 989 0478 8985 

William J. Bowman (University of British Columbia) 

The talk will be recorded and posted online. 

Abstract: Dijkstra said that our tools can have a profound and devious influence on our thinking. I find this especially true of modern proof assistants, with "devious" out-weighing "profound". Cur is an experiment in design that aims to be less devious. The design emphasizes language extension, syntax manipulation, and DSL construction and integration. This enables the user to be in charge of how they think, rather than requiring the user to contort their thinking to that of the proof assistant. In this talk, my goal is to convince you that you want similar capabilities in a proof assistant, and explain and demonstrate Cur's attempt at solving the problem.