Vincenzo Alba: Diffusion and operator entanglement spreading

Datum objave: 29. 6. 2020
Seminar za matematično fiziko
Torek, 30.6.2020, ob 14:00h, preko Zooma. Več informacij na spletni strani seminarja

Vincenzo Alba (University of Amsterdam)


I will discuss the dynamics of operator space entanglement entropy (OSEE) in integrable models. In particular, I will focus on the rule 54 chain and the XXZ chain, discussing the relationship between OSEE and diffusion. I will discuss the bound 1/2ln(t) for the OSEE of some simple, i.e., low-rank, diagonal local operators. I will  provide numerical evidence that the bound is saturated in the rule 54 chain, and, remarkably, in the spin-1/2 Heisenberg XXZ chain.  Finally, I will focus on the effect of integrability breaking, showing that strong finite-time effects are present in generic systems, which prevent from probing the asymptotic behavior of the OSEE.

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