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Prof. E. Brasselet: Spin-orbit optomechanics

Datum objave: 17. 1. 2017
Seminar fizike mehkih snovi
Četrtek, 19. januar 2017 ob 11:15, Seminarska soba fizike, F5, IJS

Spin-orbit optomechanics

E. Brasselet, University of Bordeaux, France

In the recent years, unconventional optomechanical effects attracted a
growing interest, for instance the so-called pulling and lateral optical
forces. This is however not restricted to translational degrees of
freedom and also applies to the rotational degrees of freedom. We will
discuss the role of spin-orbit interaction of light in such
optomechanical effects that open the topic of spin-orbit optomechanics,
and which will be illustrated by recent experiments structured
solid-state and their extension to soft matter systems, namely liquid

Kindly invited!