Katja Berčič: Mathematical Data in Three Acts

Datum objave: 3. 3. 2019
Seminar za diskretno matematiko
Torek, 5. 3. 2019, od 10h do 12h, Plemljev seminar, Jadranska 19
Povzetek. There is a trend in the scientific community towards making research data easier to access and reuse. I will describe the FAIR principles, recommendations for how data should look like to enable and improve the reuse by humans as well as machines. In the EU, the trend is represented by the European Open Science Cloud initiative. Finally, I will present some recent efforts to improve the state of research data in mathematics, including a recent H2020 proposal, and two works in progress: a survey of mathematical data and an infrastructure that allows users to describe the structure of a dataset in mathematical language and then use it to automatically generate a database infrastructure for it.